Out and About | Happy Birthday to an Invalid

4 Jul

Saturday the first was Steve’s birthday. Prepared to adjourn to Dallas for an evening of high spirited revelry, our plans were briefly brought to a standstill, as Steve, stricken with strep, sat sadly in his living room, bedridden and unable to move, much less to drink to his own health. So we hesitated, and pondered retiring to our own abodes. Honor, however, got the best of us, and being true friends, we decided to celebrate the frail and feeble, despite his absence. So worry not dear invalid! As you lay within your sick chamber, each successive round of drinks was in honor of your special day, and with each toast our voices rejoined, “Happy Birthday Steve!”


2 Responses to “Out and About | Happy Birthday to an Invalid”

  1. One of the Jasons July 6, 2006 at 12:17 AM #

    What? No mention of the three engaging gentlemen you met at Paddy Red’s? My heart is broken. I was hoping we could use you as our tour guide next time we are in downtown FW. Oh well, I hope your Steve is feeling better now.

  2. Anonymous July 10, 2006 at 5:49 AM #

    Thanks for celebrating!

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