Deltiology | Can’t (Ku)wait to Visit

10 May

I adore snail mail. No, not the bills or the letters  from alumni associations but rather the genuine, “How are   you, I’m good, please visit me soon” Crane & CO. snail mail, stamped and all.

It’s far and in between that I receive such tidings, so I was quite thrilled to receive, in my mailbox, two postcards from a friend in Kuwait. The first shows the popularity of falconry in the Middle East and the second showcases the famous Towers of Kuwait.

So, my strange quest continues.

One more country down.

More than 200 countries to go.


One Response to “Deltiology | Can’t (Ku)wait to Visit”

  1. Sherry July 11, 2009 at 8:00 PM #

    I will go to Kuwait tambien. Let me know when you plan the trip. I already have my passport of course; is yours up to date? I would think so; it has not been that long since you were taking classes in Prague.

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