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Pop Quiz | To eat or not to eat, that is the question…

29 Dec

You are an instructor at a local college, have an hour for lunch, and are craving a samosa. Fortunately, you work in a city where samosas are sold on every corner of every street. At noon, you head to your favorite Indian grocery store, where the owner’s wife bakes samosas daily for very satisfied customers such as yourself. Upon greeting the owner, you request a samosa, pay, are given your samosa in a plastic bag, and return back to work in great anticipation.

However, upon opening the aforementioned plastic bag, you find that instead of a samosa, the owner has given you a yellow cabbage dish in Tuperware with five pieces of naan bread. At this point, you realize the owner has accidentally given you his lunch.


Exhibit A. You expected the following:

Exhibit B. Instead, you received the following:

If all the statements in the passage are true, which of the following responses best resolves the situation:

A) Return to the grocery store and give the man his lunch for your samosa.
B) Place the man’s meal in the refrigerator of the breakroom to return later.
C) Eat another man’s lunch.

Option A is incorrect. You will not have time to drive back to the grocery store and return for the next class you are teaching. Option B is also incorrect because refrigerators in break rooms are never safe; you will never see your food again, especially if you work for a Liberal Arts department. Therefore, the only correct answer is C) Eat another man’s lunch. You will greatly enjoy a homemade meal, will satisfy your hunger, and will only feel slight remorse at the thought of the man’s disappointment when he opens his lunch bag to find only a samosa.

Images: A); B)